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After a bachelor's degree at the University of Paris Descartes, I continued my master's degree at the University of Strasbourg to specialize in cognitive and behavioral therapies.

During this course I was able to follow the M.B.S.R. (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). It is a protocol for learning mindfulness meditation through a formalized program lasting 8 weeks and regular practices. 

An orientation that influences my practice of psychotherapy today.

Indeed, I pay particular attention to what are called: "third wave therapies". After a more "behavioural" first wave and a more "cognitive" second wave, the third wave of CBTs is based on the principle of the acceptance of emotions, life experiences and full awareness of the present moment.

I also attach great importance to the link between body and mind and therefore to the benefits of body techniques (relaxation, yoga, physical activities...) on well-being and mental health.

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Clinical psychologist who has worked for almost 10 years in hospital services, I accompany adults and adolescents who suffer from anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, self-assertion difficulties, lack of self-esteem, psychological disorders resulting from exposure to traumatic events or associated with chronic psychic pathologies. In particular, I show an important specialization in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders in cognitive and behavioral therapy, also in the management of the psychological consequences of complicated professional situations, and the reduction of the consequences.emotional and behavior of the confrontation with one(s) difficult life event(s). 

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I did my studies in Paris at the University of Paris X Nanterre and did my training courses in various hospitals and care centers in Paris. I quickly specialized in cognitive and behavioral therapies.

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Phone: 06 95 48 36 63

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